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What is telehealth?

Telehealth involves the use of technology to deliver healthcare services to individuals removing the need to travel for care. Virtual appointments. Rather than a face-to-face medical visit or therapy session, virtual appointments allow our providers and clinicians to deliver treatment or counseling over the phone or through video conferencing.

How it works:

After you have an initial appointment with your clinician, you can make future appointments to talk with them via smartphone or webcam. Telehealth appointments can be billed through insurance just like in-person appointments (some services not available through telehealth).

What about privacy?

New Brunswick Counseling Center has a HIPAA-compliant application that keeps your information safe and secure. Sessions are never monitored or recorded. We recommend that you go to a private area when you have your session.

Is it difficult to use?

No! You can access the app from any device with a webcam.

Virtual appointments work the same way as our in-person treatment but from the comfort of your home. Telehealth sessions is an ideal option if you’re not located near one of our facilities or you have mobility/accessibility challenges. Interactive audio and video technology make your virtual visit as therapeutically beneficial as an in-person session, without the inconvenience of traveling to a clinic. Our licensed and credentialed mental health professionals will individualize your care and use the latest evidence-based treatment approaches to help get you feeling like your best self.

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