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New Brunswick Counseling Center and Burlington Comprehensive Counseling is CARF-accredited outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment center with two clinics located in Burlington and New Brunswick, New Jersey. Since our founding in 1970, our team of dedicated staff has remained committed to delivering courteous treatment to all patients.

In an effort to increase drug abatement effectiveness in the state of New Jersey, Governor Christie signed bills into law in April 2015. Here at the New Brunswick Counseling Center, our medical clinic provides a full range of mental health and drug counseling services. Clients are assigned to licensed clinicians here in New Brunswick, New Jersey. With the help of experienced professionals in our outpatient counseling services, individuals and families work to build healthy relationships and satisfying lives. Whether the problems are temporary or persistent, we are here to help. Our staff includes a multidisciplinary team of medical, psychological, and social workers with an eclectic philosophy on the treatment and counseling of patients. If you need Mental Health Treatment in New Brunswick, New Jersey, call us now.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate mental health and substance use treatment to empower individuals to live the life they envision for themselves.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to compassionate communities for everyone, where individuals can live a meaningful life and mental health and substance use challenges are addressed in a respectful, holistic, and effective way. We prioritize inclusion and equity in all of our work.

Our Core Values

Person and Family-Centered: Our approach focuses on culturally responsive recovery that centers on the person and their family.

Potential: Our inspiration comes from the individuals and families we serve, recognizing their accomplishments and potential for achieving wellness and recovery.

Power: Our care is guided by the people, families, and communities we serve, as well as our workforce. They shape our policies and practices.

Partnerships: To achieve our mission and work towards our vision, we must establish mutually respectful partnerships and enhance our capabilities while building our capacity.

Performance: Our approach involves implementing proven practices, utilizing opportunities, and harnessing technologies to mitigate the effects of mental illness and addiction. Our ultimate goal is to improve the overall health and well-being of the individuals, families, and communities we support.


This is a LGBTQIA+ Safe Space and All Are Welcome Here


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